Make awesome model trains with tissue boxes?!

Recently spot an incredible video made by a Japanese modeler. He built a model train mainly with a surprising cheap material in everybody’s home, the tissue boxes. The paper model made was a train called the Kintetsu 6301 type in Japan. It looks realistic!

Upper part

The four sides of the case and most surface details were paper-made, while the roof was made of balsa wood sheet. Several parts used thin copper wires, such as the windshield wiper. The making tools mainly include cutter, steel ruler, and sandpapers. After painting, the windows were sealed with transparent plastic sheets.


Lower part

To attach a motor, the modeler made the base with wood beams and sheets to support the mass. Except for the electronics and the wheelsets, other parts were still hand-made faithfully. Although the model train looks fragile, it is not for ornamental only. It can be run on model railway tracks. This endorses that the tissue box paper is a material that can be used quite well for model making.

Make awesome model trains with tissue boxes?! 1

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Do you know any other surprising crafts and artworks made of tissue boxes? Feel free to share a link below if you find any.

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