Set or resume Z levels of Roland MDX-15/20 to at the exact value you want

No More Manual Z-Leveling for Roland MDX-15/20

If you have difficulty in setting the starting height in Roland MODELA MDX-15 or MDX-20, here is a solution for you.

With our MDXLabPanel, you can offset the Z leveling to the exact value you want. You can now control the Z-axis numerically. You can set Z0 accurately and start or resume at the exact same height, no matter the machine powered off or reset accidentally.

You can stop the worries about misalignment along the Z-axis. You no longer need to guess and adjust the tool height by your eye-hand coordination. You can now perform the leveling process with a mouse on a computer screen.

You just need to follow the steps below.


  1. Assume you downloaded and installed Scilab and our MDXLabPanel. If not, you can find the download link at the end of this page.
  2. Connect and switch on your machine, and exit the VIEW mode.


  1. Execute our script in Scilab to open the GUI of MDXLabPanel.

  2. Choose your machine model and the correct port.

  3. Press Reset to initialize and home the Z-axis (referring to the machine coordinate system).
    Reset on MDX LabPanel v0.4.1
  4. Change the value of Z-coordinate by pressing -Z buttons.
    -Z buttons on MDX LabPanel v0.4
  5. Press Set ZO, a command will send to your MDX-15/20 and offset the work coordinate system to the Z level recording in the machine memory. Set Z0 with MDX LabPanel v0.4.1

  6. After that, the machine will move to this user-defined Z level every time when you perform a homing process.
  7. Since the value will lose after exiting the program, please note down the value for the next time use.
  • Set custom Z0 level (01:08)

If you have any issues about the machine, you can visit our page FAQ for Roland Modela MDX-20 to find more solutions or leave your questions in the comment section of the FAQ page.

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