Train Model Village with 555 Timer Shuttle System

Hey, guys. I want to show you a railroad model. This is made by our high school teacher. He has started to build it at his home after he retired.

Now you can see a train automatically moves forward and reverse alternatively at both ends of the track. This is controlled by a simple shuttle wired to the track. The circuit was made by one of our members. The design is simple. It flips the current to change of train direction, and control the blank time by a 555 timer chip.

If you’re interested in how it’s made. Please feel free to contact us. 

If you like railroad modeling, I hope you can leave your comments below.  I also hope you can give us some ideas about how to advance the system.



555タイマーチップでブランク時間を制御しる、列車の方向を変えるために電流を反転させ 簡単なデザインです。


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