rml2gcode – Online Roland Modela RML to G-code Converter (Beta)

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An online converter enables you to format CNC commands from Roland MODELA RML language to readable G-codes.

I would appreciate your help if you can kindly report any errors that you find.

Development Status

Version 0.2 (2017-11-18) – performance enhancement, support x,y-offset

  • Currently only support RML codes from Roland Dr. Engrave
  • v0.1a (2017-09-16); v0.1 (2017-09-08)
v0.1 Documentation
Spindle Speed (rpm):
x-offset (mm):
y-offset (mm):

Input – RML Codes:

* Replace the example with your own codes, and then press Convert button.

Output – G-Codes:

Tool path of the example simulated with CAMotics
Fig – Tool path of the example simulated with CAMotics

If you have any issues about the machine, you can visit our page FAQ for Roland Modela MDX-20 to find more solutions or leave your questions in the comment section of the FAQ page.

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