Craftweeks was founded by DIY Makers in Hong Kong. We keen on the topics from DIY to innovative craft projects. Our website and YouTube channel share posts and videos about DIY projects and tutorials that are suitable for fun and leisurely learning on weekends. Thanks to the advancement of technology, as long as we know how to use modern craft techniques such as 3D printing, CNC processing, laser engraving, you can easily produce exquisite works and enjoy the pleasure in the creation and show your creativity, even in limited working space and leisure time as an amateur.

If you are a maker, we believe that you may also get involved in coding and web design, or interest to and even have a strong motivation for learning these fields, hoping to expand your scope of ideas and creative space. As the digital space is an extension of the physical world, it is not just on the computer. For example, robotics is an integration of digital and physical (software × hardware). We will also look after the information and teaching materials in these areas, to pursue the romance of science fiction and to touch the possibilities of the future together.

In our  YouTube channel, we share video tutorials about using CAD, 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC milling, and various DIY projects. If you like our videos, please subscribe to our channel. If you want more art and design inspirations, follow our Pinterest boards. We pinned many great artworks that we saw on the internet and gathered there.

We also develop online apps and open-source software to help you more easily work with some specific devices and craft projects. You may also find us on GitHub and Thingiverse to download our codes and 3D objects. You can find our artwork and project updates on Facebook and Instagram. Follow our feeds and feel free to chat with us over there.

Wish you enjoy build and develop stuff with us 🙂

We wish “Everybody can have some time every week to enjoy Craft & Make stuff”.
Craftweeks Founder
– Chris K. FUNG
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Support Us

You might give me a Coffee via Ko-fi. We would likewise appreciate and acknowledge you if you help us to create or translate subtitles of our video. We believe that the make culture give fun and creativity across the internet and it brings the world closer together.

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