Fabrication Units in Our Workshop

Initially posted on Jul 24, 2017
Last updated on May 12, 2020

Surprisingly, laser modules are available on Amazon. It’s not difficult to buy the components in the US. You can make your own one by customizing your 3D printer. But ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT those laser devices are dangerous that can burn your eyes and skin! I enclose my laser engraver with a well-designed case with safety cut off switches.

We also find many DIY laser engraving machine kits on Amazon. Unfortunately, none of them looks safe and reliable. I can’t recommend them to you because of poor electronics, wires, cables, casing, or low-quality safety goggles. I really don’t know whether the sellers follow the safety restriction given by Amazon. Don’t take any risk to buy those cheap products.

Silhouette CAMEO 3

Silhouette CAMEO 3

If you want to buy one, we recommend you go to Amazon. We found it was sold much cheaper on Amazon (including shipping fee) than on Taobao.

Fabrication Units in Our Workshop 4

Mini Router with Battery Box 6V Type for 2.34 mm-Diameter Bit

Fabrication Units in Our Workshop 5

Mini Circular Saw Table

Fabrication Units in Our Workshop 6Fabrication Units in Our Workshop 7

Proxxon 37006 KS 115 Bench Circular Saw

Fabrication Units in Our Workshop 8Fabrication Units in Our Workshop 9

Proxxon 37110 Micro Mill MF 70

Fabrication Units in Our Workshop 10Fabrication Units in Our Workshop 11

LCD – Programmable IntelliTemp Heat Gun with Variable Temperature and Airflow Control

Fabrication Units in Our Workshop 12

High Temperature (165 °C) Glue Gun for 7 mm-diameter Glue Stick

Flexview Digital Microscope 725S

Fabrication Units in Our Workshop 13
  • Duo focal point of 60x and 250x on a 17 inch monitor
  • Focus to infinity
  • CMOS sensor
  • UXGA Resolution (1600x1200pixels)
  • Built-in internal illumination
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • View live image on computer screen
  • Connects to computer via USB standard port
  • Touch panel SNAP BUTTON to capture instant images
  • Video Recording and timed shot
  • Flexible neck holder stand with gridded observation board
Fabrication Units in Our Workshop 14

Mitutoyo 2046S Dial Indicators

Fabrication Units in Our Workshop 15Fabrication Units in Our Workshop 16

Digital Calipers (0 – 150 mm)

Digital Calipers
Digital Calipers

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