GCC LaserPro Venus Laser System

GCC LaserPro Venus Laser System

Last Update: Dec 17, 2020


ModelVenus V-12
Laser Source12W Sealed CO2 Laser
Work Area11.8 in. x8.3 in. (300
mm x 210 mm)
Max. Part Size (W
x L x H)
14.2 in. x 11.8 in. x
2.8 in. (360 mm x 300 mm x 70 mm)
Loading Weight5 kg
DriveClosed-loop DC Servo
Maximum Speed*20 IPS
Cutting Thickness1/8 in. (3.175 mm) plastic and wood
Speed ControlAdjustable from 0.1 to
100% (from 0.02 to 20 IPS, Up to 16 color-linked speed settings per job)
Power ControlAdjustable from 0-100%
(Up to 16 color-linked power settings per job)
Engraving capability256-level gray scale
image processing capability
Distance Accuracy0.254mm or 0.1% of
move, whichever is greater
Z-Axis MovementAutomatic
Resolution (DPI)Available 200, 250,
300, 500, 600, 1000
Memory Buffer16MB standard
SafetyClass 3a Laser
Product Compliant with CDRH
Standard FeatureAuto Focus, Red Dot
Pointer, 3D and Stamp Mode

More details

  • Official GCC Product Brochures & Reviews [PDF]


  • Adobe Illustrator Template for Venus Platform [CS2]

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