Roland MODELA MDX-20 CNC Milling Machine

Roland MODELA MDX-20

Last Update: Nov 11st, 2019 8:48:20pm

Specification of Milling Unit

Working AreaMaximum Loading Weight
220 mm (X) x 160 mm (Y)1000 g
Maximum Part SizeResolution
203.2mm[X] x 152.4mm[Y] x 60.5mm[Z]0.025 mm/step
Spindle MotorSpindle Speed
 10W DC motor6500 rpm
Feed RateAvailable Tool Holders
 0.1~15 mm/sec.3 mm, 3.175 mm (1/8”), 6mm
Acceptable File FormatsAcceptable Materials
DXF, IGES, STL, BMPWood, Plaster, Resin, Machinable wax, styrenform, Chemical wood, Copper

Specification of 3D Scanning Unit

Scanning SensorScanning Probe Size
Roland Active Piezo Sensor (R.A.P.S.)Length: 60mm
Tip bulb diameter: 0.08 mm
Scanning MethodScanning Interval
Contact, mesh-point height-sensingX/Y-directions:0.05 ~ 5.00 mm (settable in steps of 0.05 mm)
Z-direction:0.025 mm
Scanning SpeedExportable File Formats
4 ~ 15 mm/sec.DXF, VRML, STL, 3DMF, BMP, Grayscale and Point Group
Roland MODELA 3D Scanning Unit
Roland MODELA 3D Scanning Unit


Things made with Roland CNC MDX-20 | Craftweeks
Things made with Roland CNC MDX-20 | Craftweeks

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