Craftweeks: Vision on Laser Processing Technology

CO2 Laser cutting

Laser technology sounds dangerous that Sci-Fi stories produce an image as various high-power weapons. Indeed, you may also simply find a laser application in nearby. For instance, CD/DVD players, laser printers, optical fiber devices, laser pointers, etc. They are safely used in our daily life as most of them are low-power lasers.

While some more dangerous and higher-power lasers are used in expert fields, including medical, manufacturing, and entertainment applications. Laser technology is a large topic in both research and industrial usages.

Our focus is on laser cutting and engraving. They are widely used in prototyping and mass production of industrial products. Our high school was one of the pilot schools that early-adopted laser cutting technology in Design and Technology (D&T) training. We were fortunate that have received an opportunity to learning this technology since we are still teenagers. We have gained plenty of experience in using CO2 laser for cutting and/or engraving wood, papers, and plastics.

We understand that the laser processes have versatile uses in shaping, burning, heating, marking material surfaces, and so forth. We have more than 15-year experience in the applications of laser engraving technology.

We believe that laser processing technology can be applicable to various fields as well as daily and domestic use. Our goal is to connect people’s happiness with laser technology by inventing unique laser machinery and promoting innovative laser applications.

Create fun and happiness with cutting-edge rays of light
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