MDX-20 CNC Control Panel v0.4.1 has been released

Hi, every maker and Roland Modela MDX-15/20 users.

We released a new version 0.4.1 of the Scilab-based CNC Control Panel. This time, we enhanced the parameter controls and visual aids for positioning. Also, we fixed a few bugs in the previous version. 

Screenshot of MDX Labpanel v0.4
MDX LabPanel v0.4

Compatibility with the latest Scilab 6.0

Please note that Scilab 6.0.0 is now changed from beta to stable. You may download the latest one from I have programmed our code to compatible with both Scilab 5.5.2 and 6.0.0, and have tested on Windows 7. If you have any problems on your desktop, please feel free to report the errors or issues below or within the Github repository. I will try my better to reply to you as soon as possible.

Download Scilab 6.0.0 for Windows
Download Scilab 6.0.0 for Windows

Change Log:

  • Added quick-launch by double-click __main__.sce file
  • Added the setting for MDX-15
  • Added Spindle on/off
  • Added Feed rate control
  • Added graphical display for indicating tool position
  • Integrated Reset to the first Home operation
  • Optimized the code for X0, XMAX, Y0, YMAX homing
  • Fixed the wrong direction of the Y0 and YMAX homing buttons
  • Fixed the file path issue
  • Fixed the compatibility with Scilab 6.0.0 or later

Explore MDXLabPanel

Latest version: v0.4.1

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If you have any issues about the machine, you can visit our page FAQ for Roland Modela MDX-20 to find more solutions or leave your questions in the comment section of the FAQ page.

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